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By Cosmin

April 2, 2012 Reviews No comments

In the last few months we spend most of our time and research on promoting apps for online marketing, business and productivity or even entertainment. We really managed to create a bond between AppsNuke and our users, but we just recently realized that gaming is a very important part in your daily routine, because games are not just fun and #1 enemy of boredom, but also a great way to express ourselves and get rid of stress in no time. That’s one of the main reasons why we decided to focus more of our attention on improving gaming and entertainment on AppsNuke.

Today, we start this by talking about a very fresh and mind-challenging iOS game called iSquishU, a game with a very descriptive and at the same time funny name. iSquishU is not just another puzzle game, but an innovative way to enjoy the iPhone gaming while bringing the kid inside on the surface.


When I first got the app, I thought it was just another game like Bejeweled or the classic 8bit Piyo Blocks. Both of them are pioneers in this industry and quite fun to be honest. For someone who loves a bit of a challenge and strategy gaming, they are simply amazing, but still neither of these two can bring a real interactive, kid-friendly interface or a two-player option.



Yes, you heard it right! The iSquishU app has the multiplayer feature active so you and your friends can have fun on different devices playing the same instance of the same game. Like the name says, iSquishU offers a visually detailed version of funny, sad, scared, confused, angry and confident smiley-face/bubble placed around the game-panel where it waits for getting squashed along with it’s colored partners.


The mission is pretty basic, all you have to do is to align multiple bubble-faces so that you will squish them in a oblique, concurrent or row line. In order to win or get best results, is pretty obvious that you have to get most points in a record time and you achieve that by building a strategy in which you squish most of the bubbles with less effort.


Yeah, it sounds pretty simple to do this, but that’s because I forgot to tell you that the opponent picks where the next bubble will be placed. That’s when the simple, fun game becomes a real war field in which the fastest one wins…that and for some might be a good idea to come prepared with the ability to master the stress, because the squishy bubbles are moving like freaks when you drop them. That can transform iSquishU in a game that plays with you, testing you in the most creative and funny ways, but at the same time, placing you in front of an addictive iPhone app. If I were to describe iSquishU in one sentence I would say that iSquishU is a game of great minds who are not afraid to show their children innocence.


Besides all of those fun and competitive facts, I have to mention that iSquishU is a recently developed game which comes with enhanced support for iPad’s new retina display, has it’s challenges divided in over 80 highly competitive levels and it comes with support for the Game Center (to be honest, it took some time for me to manage the game). On the other hand, competitive guys can be happy about the levels because it also has an endless mode which you can easily activate, or play against the computer or online with a random iSquishU fellow.


iSquishU is available on itunes for 0.99$

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