Cool iGadgets of February

By Cosmin

February 25, 2012 Gadgets 6 Comments

Another month has passed, a beautiful and creative month, a month of love, but also a month loaded with astonishing technological pieces and impressive gadgets. It is time to bring the greatest and coolest gadgets for your iPhone, iPad or iPod device to enhance their functions, have fun and increase the productivity.
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Doxie Go Scanner Now

doxie go scanner now Cool iGadgets of February

A great document scanner designed to help you organize share and transfer your papers into your favorite iDevice using WiFi.

iPro Lens

ipro lens Cool iGadgets of February

Enhance your iPhone camera functions with a professional extension. This is a project created by Schneider Optics and featured at Macworld event 2012.

iFlashDrive MacWorld

iflash drive Cool iGadgets of February

Works on iPad, iPhone or iPod and you can also use it on Macbooks too. The drive comes in a 8GB version for $100, 16GB for $150, and 32GB for $200.

iPad Nomad Brush

ipad nomad brush Cool iGadgets of February

Graphic designers will be happy to know that now they can create professional drawings using an iPad friendly brush.


prizm Cool iGadgets of February

A simple and modern 2 pieces aluminum stand excellent in any environment. The Prizm stand is available in multiple colors and designs.


flygrip Cool iGadgets of February

The solution that helps you handle your iPhone in difficult situations offering you support so that you can do multiple tasks while the iPhone or iPad is fixed on your hand.


ikeyboard Cool iGadgets of February

Ultra-light and slim design for a keyboard stand. iKeyboard can be used on different situations and it offers a self-rechargeable way using trilithium crystals.

Cool Retro iPhone Cases

vintage cases Cool iGadgets of February

Ever felt nostalgic about tech-pieces of your childhood? No worries because these cases will bring you the old Macintosh design right on your iPhone.


istomp Cool iGadgets of February

The best tool for guitarists! A single, portable and user-friendly pedal board to replace your whole heavy artillery and to connect with your iDevice.

Smart Baby Monitor

smart baby monitor Cool iGadgets of February

A family-friendly gadget that allows you to monitor your baby 24/7 by connecting this cam to your iPhone or iPad.


go pad Cool iGadgets of February

It gives you full ergonomic benefits thanks to it’s design that allows you to wear your iPad or any kind of tablet wherever you go while accessing it with ease.


icade Cool iGadgets of February

Bring the retro-game feeling to your iPhone with this vintage looking remote control. Created by 8Bitty and inspired by NES!


sosche Cool iGadgets of February

A really powerful speaker dock for your iPad which comes with a bassdock and a 2.1 sound system that makes your room alive.

iPad 2 SecurityKit

padlock Cool iGadgets of February

Is created to keep your iPad safe and secure at all time. The kit is created using lightweight aircraft including aluminum security brackets. The PAD-Lock secures to any fixed object with a 7.5′ coated steel wire cable and 25 mm padlock.

Monster Fur

monster fur Cool iGadgets of February

I know it might sound scary, but the truth is that Monster fur is nothing more than a simple and “fluffy” snow white cover for your iPhone.


spiderarm Cool iGadgets of February

A smart iPad stand with extensive use. You can use SpiderArm home, in the kitchen, in the bed (reading, writing, watching movies). You can adjust it with ease and you can place it on whatever environment you wish.


zooka Cool iGadgets of February

Enhance the audio quality of your iPad using a neat, modern and lightweight multi-color speaker that can be adjusted and included in your iPad design with ease.

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