8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

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February 20, 2012 iOS 11 Comments

Our brain just like a muscle needs regular exercize and challange to grow to it’s full potential. Some research shows that brain stimulation can help prevent age-related cognitive decline, reverse behavioral assessment declines in dementia and Alzheimer.
We collected eight free fun game apps that will benefit all age groups.
Start your daily brain workout today! Stimulate and improve your brain health, memory and learning capacity in a fun and enjoyable way.

1. Brain Trainer by Lumosity

Lumosity Brain Trainer includes 10 brain games designed to enhance your cognitive abilities, including memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. Playing our brain games a few minutes every day will help you achieve the best results. Over 14 million users have trained their brain using Brain Trainer by Lumosity.com!
brain trainer lumosity ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

2. Brain Bomb

180 exercises to see if you are one of the smartest people on the planet. Only 1% of the population is capable of solving these brain training exercises. Is your brain big enough to take on the challenge?
brain bomb ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

3. Math vs. Brains

Math vs Brain is a math question solving game. Your job is to solve all the questions for each challenge and collect as many star as possible. This app is suitable for people from all ages from young to old. You can even play with your friend or family any time any where.
math vs. brain ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

4. Clockwork Brain

Discover a series of ingenious mini-games especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as visual, spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory. Train your brain and challenge yourself with A Clockwork Brain!
clockwork brain ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

5. Brain Games II (5 in 1)

Keep your brains sharp with Brain Games II. Brain Games II includes five different logical games, each with many, many levels. The games are cleanly designed with easy to follow tutorials that make game play intuitive. All the games are timed so that you can track your performance.
brain games ii 5in1 ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

6. Charge Your Brain HD

“Charge Your Brain HD” is a combination of entertaining mini-games that will allow you to develop various sections of your brain in a relaxing and funny way. Each mini-game involves different directions of mental activity: image recognition, speed of response, logic, comparison of objects, searching and mathematic skills, memory, etc.
charge your brain hd ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

7. 10Plus – The Brain Game for you & your kids!

10Plus – The Brain Game is a fast paced counting adventure that’s as engrossing and entertaining as it is educational! With an emphasis on mathematics – and more specifically addition – the game presents players with a grid of numbers between 1 and 4, challenging them to add them up into sums of 10 as quickly and as many times as they can.
10plus brain game ios 8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

8. Little Ace: The Memory Game

Check out new complimentary game in Little Ace`s series- Memory Ace! This EASY and FUN game has lots of beautiful hand-drawn pictures of characters from KIDS book for iPad “Little Ace and the Ten Commandments”. Find pairs is an excellent test for your visual memory that gets deceptively more difficult as you advance levels.
little ace the memory game ios  8 Free Brain Training Apps for iOS

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