6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

By Cosmin

February 16, 2012 Android 12 Comments

Music is the element without which our device wouldn’t be as exciting, but when you have music and in addition a good music manager with a friendly user interface everything is perfect. In today’s article I’ve gathered up some of the most popular free apps to help you with your music.
Most of the apps are similar to the native app for Android music, but some of them come with different and special features that will amaze you for sure.


winamp 6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

The most popular music player available for PC is pretty good on mobile devices too. The graphic interface is pretty similar to the one available on PC, just that this one is a bit cooler and light-weight.


realplayer 6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

Another popular music player with many years of experience behind and a good taste for graphic elements. Besides that, the RealPlayer app comes with high user reviews and is one of the most popular apps in the music section on Android Marketplace.


ttpod 6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

A complete music player which incorporates great visualization, equalizers and multiple skins so that you can customize your experience. It supports mp3, mp4/m4a and wma file formats.


doubletwist 6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

This app has made a pretty good impression at The New York Times and was described as being the “The Cure for iTunes withdrawal” because it is pretty friendly with the MAC OS and the popular iTunes playlists.

Cloud Music Player

cloud music player 6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

A very impressive and colorful user interface integrated on a minimalist music player. Still, Cloud Music Player lets you download lyrics for your songs, create cover arts and a brilliant music editor that can help you change file attributes.


simfy 6 Brilliant and Free Android Music Players

If you are looking for something light-weight, simple yet elegant, then Simfy is the right solution for you. Simfy is not another player with fancy functions or amazing UI, but just a plain music player.

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