8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

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January 16, 2012 iOS 2 Comments

If you are like me, then you definitely feel the need to be ensured that your iDevice can handle your requests for a long period of time. The iOS apps usually have a great battery life especially the iPod touch which is probably one of the least battery consumers from Apple.

If we talk about iPhone and iPad though, as smartphone and tablet, is pretty obvious that the battery consumption is greater because of their functions. I’m sure that many of you experienced large battery loss when you needed it the most, but no worries because you can optimize your battery performance and learn about the consumers so that you know what to use and what not to use and how much time your battery can help you.

These apps follow with excellent tips on how to expand the battery life of your idevice and how to optimize it’s performance by properly charging it.

1. Battery Amplifier FREE Edition

battery amplifier 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

Battery Amplifier is a modern proffesional app, that can solve your device battery problems in no time. Includes full cycle charging,screen maintenance utility, and usefull tips that will help you to save your battery power.
A very user-friendly interface makes this app easy to work with even for a small kid!

2. Battery Doctor +

battery doctor plus 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

Kingsoft Battery Doctor is essential for your iPhone, which is more professional and useful than those paid. Download it right now to best protect and maintain your battery. Comes with a charge perfect clock screensaver, charge state and the time to remind.
View running processes and system information, easy to understand system operation status.

3. + Battery – Ultra Power

plus battery 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

Are you having trouble with the batteries of your iPhone, iPod and iPad? Have you ever considered a battery application that is fully equipped to deal with such problems? The Battery Ultra application can do just that and so much more; it evens increases your battery’s life! It tells you all you need to know about your battery.

4. Battery Life Pro – All-IN-1

battery life pro 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

Battery Life Pro is a feature-rich battery extending application you should not miss in your iPhone, iPod Touch. Battery Life Pro helps you monitor and maintain your battery better by supplying you a fruitful amount of information related to your battery status. Battery Life Pro not only provides you with SEVEN visually appealing layouts to choose from, but also lets you set an alarm that notifies you when you start charging your device.

5. Battery LED!

battery led 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

A clear, simple display will show you the amount of battery you have left. Battery LED Pro accomplishes it’s job of showing you exactly what you need to know but it looks so good while doing it.

6. Battery HD+

battery hd plus 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

This is the perfect battery monitor for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Because of its elegant design and simplicity this app has been downloaded over 10+ MILLION times so far!
It can even alert you when the battery is fully charged and you can fine-tune your battery health level to get more accurate estimates.

7. Battery Boost Magic App Free

battery boost magic 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

Battery Boost Magic lite provides the fullest set of battery performance stats available, the largest & easiest to use display, and an award winning graphical user interface.
Using the app, you will always know exactly where you stand on each activity and how much usage time you have left for anything that you use your iPhone/iPod/iPad for.

8. BatterySense

batterysense philips 8 Free Battery Manager Apps for iOS

Philips created this simple and intuitive app to help you get the most out of your device when you’re in between charges. By telling it what you need to do and for how long, BatterySense can recommend what settings to adjust to achieve more battery life while on the go.

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