5 Best iOS Free Music Identifier Apps

By Cosmin

December 15, 2011 iOS 1 Comment

Music is one of the key elements of harmonious life and also our best ally when we want to run, party or simply spend some time listening to your favorite radio station. However one of the things that make you be frustrated from time to time is that you do not know who sings the song … and it’s something normal, nobody is an encyclopedia that knows all the songs, right?…WRONG! There are few guys out there who can do such thing in a great way and they have been my best music buddies in the past years. Meet my buddies!

1. Shazam

shazam 5 Best iOS Free Music Identifier AppsIs the most popular music identifier app available on iTunes. With Shazam you can tag, share and create collections or even get similar results to your music. Therefore, I consider Shazam to be the ultimate app and the fact that is available for free makes it even more amazing.

Top Features

  • Unlimited Tagging
  • Buy Tracks on iTunes
  • You can use it when you don’t have a signal

2. SoundHoud

soundhoud 5 Best iOS Free Music Identifier Apps

Is the most popular alternative to Shazam and it comes in a great “packaging”. It’s the only application available that offers the same exact functions as Shazam. The application gives you the possibility to use it as recognition tool for unlimited songs. SoundHoud is the fastest instant music search application on the web and also one of the leading in music recognition software.

Top Features

  • Fastest song recognition software available
  • Capable of recognizing humming
  • Built-in player with advanced user interface

3. SoundTracking

soundtracking 5 Best iOS Free Music Identifier Apps

Fun and easy to use app. It has a friendly user interface and it helps you track the songs you listen and share with your friends in no time. The app is also based on a community so you can find all of your friends using it and connect with them.

Top Features

  • Capture and share music
  • Add artists, album covers
  • Follow and get followers in the community

4. MusicDNA ID

musicdna 5 Best iOS Free Music Identifier Apps

It discovers the titles of songs you hear by using Tag id. You can use MusicDNA ID for finding an unlimited number of songs all you have to do is to tap the record button and MusicDNA ID will list your song along with some additional information.

Top Features

  • Overview list of previous tracks listened
  • Advanced info about the artist and track
  • It links each song to iTunes download page

5. RadioFiend

radiofiend 5 Best iOS Free Music Identifier Apps

As the name says, RadioFiend let’s you find your favorite radio stations immediately and automatically see what songs they play. The app also has a nice organizing method so it allows you to list your last activity including radio stations names and song played.

Top Features

  • Is unlimited so you can add how many stations you want to a track
  • Includes YouTube videos of artist in the app
  • See song currently playing on each station
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