8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

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December 5, 2011 iOS No comments

The latest smartphones are packed with tools that help make your life easier. They have already replaced many everyday objects. Such is the case of these flashlight applications which allow you to use the phones flash as a flashlight.
You should be aware though that continuous use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life of your handheld.

1. illumination-us-universal

Why buy an expensive flashlight when your iDevice can help you see in the dark? iLlumination is capable of utilizing the LED-light on the iPhone 4, while it uses the screen for all other devices. Screen mode works great, especially on iPad, but be sure to turn the device contrast to maximum for optimal lighting.
illumination us universal app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

2. Flashlight.☀

This Flashlight APP has been tested, perfected, and has become the #1 choice for iPhone 4 users!
flashlight app free 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

3. Droid Light – Customizable Flashlight for iPhone

This is an app designed exclusively for your iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 4 with following features: LED flashlight, optional screen light, LED strobe light and LED morse-code transmitter. You also have the option to design you own skinns for this app.
droid light app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

4. Flashlight ◎

The brightest flashlight for iPhone 4 & 4S works also apply to iPad, iPod, and earlier versions of iPhone. Straight-forward interface easy to use, strobe is available.
Makes life easier that there is an app actually lights up like a REAL flashlight.
flashlight iphone app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

5. Glow Flashlight Free

Glow is the only App that can receive, decode and show morse signals as readable text. Glow only works with iPhone 4.
Features: – nightscope – use your iPhone Camera to see more in the dark.
- send messages via morse signals with Glow and you even select the transmission speed.
glow flashlight free app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

6. ☼ Flashlight ☼

This flashlight app is a must-have utility for your phone: simple, useful, very small and very fast. It fully remembers its state when you quit, and doesn’t have any useless bloated art.
free flashlight app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

7. Flashlight ¤

Flashlight ¤ instantly turns your iPhone 4 into a REAL brightest flashlight! The ultimate lighting tool that takes full advantage of the iPhone 4 LED light. Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supported and it’s FREE!
bright flashlight app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

8. iHandy Flashlight Free

iHandy Flashlight comes with numerous stunning illumination effects; it is never just the most convenient flashlight: glow sticks, SOS signals, Disco light, Neon signs, Police light, Fire Truck light, Reading Light, Night light.
ihandy flashlight free app 8 Handy iOS Flashlight Apps

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