5 Free Photo Caption Apps for iOS

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July 20, 2012 iOS 1 Comment

Yes, is true! A pretty good photo is worth 1000 words, but even when you have those 1000 words you feel the need to bring something else too. Either if you choose to add a funny message, an information required to make the pic complete or just an explanation for an infographic, captions are there to help you solve this matter.

That’s why, in this post we have collected 5 free photo apps for iPhone and iPad, apps which you can use to add captions to your digital photographs and even bring some cool effects while doing it. Have fun and tag you photos, get them ready to be shared on Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook in just a few easy steps!

1. I’d Cap That

“I’d Cap That” is a photo app which let’s you add hundreds of random captions to take your iPhone pics from meh to f**king great! Humiliate your friends and family – share on Facebook and Twitter!
id cap that ios 5 Free Photo Caption Apps for iOS

2. Color Cap That

Now you can create designer text captions for photos and backgrounds from your iPhone! If you are out of inspiration you can also use the random caption generator.
color cap that ios 5 Free Photo Caption Apps for iOS

3. Perfect Captions

Perfect Captions is the perfect travel companion, the essential app when you’re hanging out with friends and a super useful day-to-day notepad. It allows you to add comments on your pictures and share them.
perfect captions ios 5 Free Photo Caption Apps for iOS

4. Labelbox

Labelbox helps you highlight areas, label items in your photo in an artistic, creative and fun way. You can even use different labels to create frames inside your photo.
labelbox ios 5 Free Photo Caption Apps for iOS

5. Smilebox Captions

Snap photos and make them memorable with stickers, swipes, captions, and frames. Share them and get instant feedback!
smilebox ios 5 Free Photo Caption Apps for iOS

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